Barney grew up in a small town in Holland. Early in his life he was introduced to country music by his parents. In fact, Barney's mom used to be a singer and his dad used to play the guitar. At the age of seven, Barney got his first guitar. For years he only knew how to play three chords. When he was eleven years old, Barney asked his parents if he could go to guitar lessons. At that point, Barney learned how play the music by the British band 'The Shadows'. Barney played on stages all across the country and even brought out an album with some Shadows covers. 

Troughout these years of getting experience in music, Barney never stopped listening to country music and at the age of eighteen (after a couple of beers), Barney decided to pickup singing and started to learn these old country songs. With a little help from his vocal coach (Linda Meester), Barney learned the craft of songwriting. Many years, songs and shows later, Barney sure knows how to entertain a crowd and is dreaming of big stages in his home country, but also abroad.